Quality Fired Brass for the Reloading Community

Why Georgia Brass LLC

Clint Bowen and Dan Humphreys are the founding partners of Georgia Brass LLC.  They met through their mutual interest in competitive shooting and soon formed a friendship that helped each reach their goal of becoming IDPA Distinguished Masters in less than three years.  Throughout that time as competitive shooters and reloaders, they noticed a need within the brass supply market for reliable, top quality, once fired brass.  Most companies serving the market would either be here one day, gone the next, offer a limited product supply or overcharge for inferior brass.  Recognizing this gap, Clint and Dan decided to bring a company to market that could supply both the home reloader and the commercial manufacturer with quality brass in various stages of processing at affordable prices.

As nationally ranked competitive shooters Clint and Dan know what reloaders are looking for and how to best serve the increasing need for quality brass.  Georgia Brass LLC offers everything from low cost, unprocessed range pick up brass to decapped, sized, swaged, and trimmed (rifle) and wet tumbled brass.  Whether you want to save a few dollars and clean and prepare the brass yourself or take it out of the box and start loading it, we can help.

Whether you want 500 pieces of 9mm or 100,000 pieces of processed 223, we are here to help serve your needs.