Quality Fired Brass for the Reloading Community


Range Pick Up - brass has been sorted and packaged for shipping.  That's it folks.  It came off the range, we rand it through a roll sorter, packaged it and shipped it to you.  You will have some damaged cases, you will have a few pieces of brass in a caliber that is not what you ordered.  You paid a KILLER price for this brass because we spent as little time as possible getting it to you.  We put a little extra in there so you should get at least what you paid for in usable brass.

Clean - brass has been sorted, wet tumbled, dried and packaged for shipping.  We spend a little more time on getting it ready so you pay a little more.  Here's why.  This brass is run through a brass inspector where we hand pick out steel, aluminum, nested cases, cases of the wrong caliber and any damaged cases we see.  223 and 5.56 brass in then run through an automatic brass qualifier that rejects any cases where the case mouth does not meet dimensional requirements.  Pistol cases are run through an automatic height sorter to provide another layer of quality control in order to get you the best brass for your buck.  When all that is done we wet tumble and dry your brass prior to packaging and shipping.

Processed - everything done in the Clean Brass section and then...pistol brass has been decappedand sized, and additioanlly rifle brass is swaged, trimmed and wet tumbled after processing for a like new look.  Rifle brass is spot checked with a Sheridan Cut Out Case Gage, Whiden Head Space Gage and Ballistic Tools Primer Pocket Gage to ensure quality.  The brass is trimmed to +/- 0.005″ the middle of SAAMI specs to ensure reliability in all rifles.  

Military Brass - is purchased from  government auctions and includes a small portion of head stamps other than that which is listed.  We DO NOT separate by head stamp.  You will receive a small portion of head stamp brass other than that which is listed.  So when we list Lake City, WCC, etc, that is the head stamp the auction considered the "dominant" head stamp. There WILL be other head stamps in there.  If that is not acceptable, please do not buy this brass.

How We Process Our Brass

All of our brass is currently processed on Dillon Super 1050s with Mark 7 Pro Auto Drives equipped with the Fast and Friendly Swage Rod that create an excellent primer pocket and will detect most ringers and non-decapped cases ensuring your brass is ready to load and not go bang in the priming stations.  We utilize an Ammo Bot Auto Drive with the Primer Pocket Sensor and Flipper to separate our 45 ACP large and small primer brass.  To date we have processed well over two million rounds on our machines and our customers have found the end product to exceed their expectations.

The end consumer is responsible for case inspection prior to reloading