Quality Fired Brass for the Reloading Community

40 S&W NICKEL Brass and Projectile Bundle 500ct Each

$125.00 $90.00

If our bundles are on backorder they will typically ship in less than one week.  

40 S&W Hi-Tek Polymer Coated Projectiles and Brass

500 pieces of NICKEL brass and 500 projectiles

Created through a  process that bakes on a polymer coating to the lead bullet.  The polymer coated bullets can be fired at higher velocities with no leading compared to bare lead projectiles.  Testing and real world shooters show that polymer coated bullets are more accurate and dramatically decrease smoke.  The projectiles come in a variety of colors including BRONZE, BLACK, BRICK RED, CANDY APPLE RED and ZOMBIE GREEN. At this time you will receive a color at random.  Once things slow down we will offer color choices.

Benefits of Hi-Tek Polymer Coated Bullets


    • No ricochets from plated or full metal jacketing
    • Dramatically reduced smoke compared to lead
    • Less toxic lead gas
    • Contains no Moly-Disulfide or PTFE to gum up your dies
    • Works great in bullet feeders
    • Great for indoor shooting where lead bullets are restricted
    • Great for semi auto shooters using enhanced sights
    • Non abrasive to your barrel
    • Coating is applied "Before" sizing
    • Coating does not rub off on your hands like Moly
    • Coating does not build up in your barrel